Connecting Others to Achieve Their Goals

Mark Myers

Career Management Coach and

Job Search Strategist

Career Management Coach - We aid our clients in assessing their skills and passions and evaluate the best way to blend them together.  The primary questions all career engaged professionals have are 'What are good at?' and 'What do you want to do?'  Sometimes there is a disconnect between the answers to those questions which must be considered.  The steps then include how to communicate the value the individual brings to a potential employer or business opportunity.  I then help my clients develop specific goals around which specific action plans are developed so that they will achieve their goals.
Job Search Strategist - Having extensive knowledge and skills in job search strategies, we assist our clients by placing structure around their job search tactics and strategies.  Tools and skills used with our clients include:
  >Job Search System & Process, including "40 Steps to a Savvy Search" (Career Coach Academy).
  >Many of the latest "Contemporary" and "Customary" job search strategies.
  >Exclusinve project management tools designed for job search efficiency and momentum.
  >Job search case studies for a dozen challenging situations.
"I'm excited about providing extensive career services to everyone--from people just entering the work force, to those people who want a better job, to very senior managers determined to make a greater contribution."  Mark Myers